Where Is The Healthy Skepticism?

I am troubled by the lack of healthy skepticism in our culture — most notably on the part of celebrities who had no shortage of it in the 60’s and 70’s, when the government seemed indifferent to the guardrails provided by the Constitution. At the risk of giving lapdogs a bad name, these celebrities seem to have become just that — lapdogs.

In the last six years, they seem to have become enamored by the lure of huge government with a panoply of womb-to-tomb services — a government that will eavesdrop on our conversations, read our mail, and engage in warrantless snooping in our home. They appear on talk shows and suggest they have the moral high ground in trusting government to provide all sorts of goods and services in a huge seize-and-redistribute paradigm that also includes inter-generational plunder.

To put it simply: what happened to the question-government and question-authority figures of the 60’s (e.g., Graham Nash, James Taylor, and Jackson Brown), who seem to have become lapdogs?? The “question-government people” are now pridefully disparaged as “Tea Baggers.”

Perhaps they have “Low-T.” Come on Graham, some on Sweet Baby James, let’s see some of that old questioning spirit. Let’s see some healthy skepticism.


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The Striving-versus-Acceptance Question

With respect to the malaise and rancor in our country currently, I have read several blogs and essays recently advocating for less striving and more acceptance, and these opinion pieces suggest that our happiness and mental health would improve if the striving-versus-acceptance question were resolved by embracing more acceptance and less striving. People less kind than I sometimes call the writers of these pieces “yoga types.”

When I think of “strivers,” I think of our Founding Fathers, who strove for independence. I think of Orville and Wilbur Wright, who strove to build a heavier-than-air machine capable of powered flight. I, for one, admire the strivers, who gave us our freedom and struggle to keep it. I admire those who gave us the integrated chip, the internal combustion engine, digital discs, flat panel televisions, Dolby sound, and cures for a list of diseases and surgical procedures too lengthy to mention. Might I also mention beach music, 3.2 beer, and the five-string bass?

I welcome thoughts and responses to what I view as a question of ever-increasing importance. Strive or accept?

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A Thought on Drinking from George Orwell

“A man may take to drink, because he feels himself to be a failure, but then fail all the more completely because he drinks.”

— George Orwell, quoted in the Los Angeles Times and The Week

Paul Watzlawick often suggested that the problems a patient brings to a therapist, have, at one time or another, been “solutions” — albeit expensive and maladaptive ones. It is essential to recognize that a patient’s drinking has served as a “solution” at one time or another.

Effective therapy must recognize this fact and the comfort it has provided the patient who requests change. This is true for all problems that are brought to a therapist.

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Building a Conservative Brand Promotes Mental Health

Yesterday’s Republican victories seem largely attributable to profound disappointment in Obama and the Obama policies. Unless we want to field candidates who are the lesser of two evils, it is high time for the Republicans to build a positive conservative brand with a sense of urgency, clarity of thought, and respect for the Constitution. It will elevate the quality of our collective mental health if they were to do so.

I hope that Congressman Rob Wittman will join in this effort, demonstrate opposition to inter-generational plunder, and repudiate the seize-and-distribute policies that have become so common on both sides of the aisle.

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Liberty: A Thought from Benjamin Frankin


Liberty is perhaps the one best word that characterizes a good education and good mental health.

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Psychological Services in the Middle Peninsula – Northern Neck

“Sometimes it’s more important to know what kind of person has the disease than what kind of disease the person has.” – Sir William Osler

The Importance of Individualized Plan Development and Implementation

For psychological services to be effective, they must, among other things, be individualized and delivered with attention to the particular characteristics of the client. Clients differ with respect to culture, their families and support systems, and with respect to secondary gain (i.e., hidden payoff’s).

Attempts to be helpful are more likely to succeed if these factors are taken into consideration during all phases of data gathering, the development of a therapeutic plan, and plan implementation.

Psychological Services in the Middle Peninsula – Northern Neck

Psychological services are available throughout much of the Middle Peninsula – Northern Neck community via Oyster Point Psychological Practice in Kilmarnock, Virginia.

Articles & links of interest that are relevant to emotional wellbeing, recovery, divorce avoidance and recovery, and other psychological issues are available at: http://www.facebook.com/oysterpointpsychological.

Contact Information

To discuss your needs and interests, or to ask any questions, call: 804-435-6777 or e-mail: ajb@oysterpointpsychological.com


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The Possibility of Voter Fraud Requires Photo ID

With respect to the hot topic of voter fraud, it is implausible to suggest that 11 million illegals, who are so contemptuous of our laws that they would sneak into the country illegally and remain here illegally, will suddenly decline an opportunity to vote illegally. Any suggestion to the contrary strains credulity (and my patience) past the breaking point.

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Is Gun Control A Good Idea?

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” – Mahatma Gandhi

What is the Issue Regarding Gun Control?

Proponents of gun control enthusiastically suggest that gun control creates gun-free zones that preclude gun violence. They are blissfully unaware that some of the most egregious behavior on the part of tyrants set the stage for their “ethnic cleansing” by gun confiscation. The gun confiscation, in turn, followed the development of a central registry of where the guns live and where the gun owners live.

A Respectful Suggestion

Proponents of gun control often suggest that this is a matter of opinion — much like an opinion as to which flavor of ice cream tastes better. The question is really an empirical question and can be approached via statistics.

Individuals who want guns to be illegal may wish to familiarize themselves with world history on this topic AND comparisons of cities in which concealed carry is illegal and those cities in which it is legal for both airsoft and regular guns.

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Hellfire and Dalmatians


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The Anti-Keynesian Position

“When we need something we cannot afford to buy, we can rent what belongs to someone else. This might be their tractor, their house, their car, their money (e.g., a mortgage), or a big tent. The value of these things is best set by the market.” — Andrew J. Billups

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