Replacing Obamacare: Personal responsibility and common sense

When conservatives talk about replacing Obamacare with something that will “maintain coverage,” we should notice that they are talking about more big, paternalistic government that enables those among us who abdicate responsibility for our own circumstances. We need more personal responsibility and common sense.

How should Obamacare be repealed and replaced? Here goes:

  1. Repeal that portion of the tax code that makes the cost of healthcare premiums deductible for employers.
  2. Change the tax code so that the cost of healthcare premiums is deductible for individuals. In this way, health insurance becomes portable, and individuals can claim a deduction for the cost.
  3. Repeal all laws that prohibit health insurance companies from selling their products across state lines. This would increase competition and lower prices – much like homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance.
  4. Eliminate all mandates. If you are post-menopausal, you should not be required to buy maternity benefits. If you don’t want drug treatment coverage, you should not be required to buy it.
  5. If you want coverage for pre-existing conditions (e.g., you have already broken your leg, gotten cancer, or had that heart attack), you can talk about the possibility of buying post-facto coverage with the insurance representatives you consult from your hospital bed. Coverage for a pre-existing condition is a matter that customers, prospective customers, and insurance carriers can discuss among themselves, and neither the government, nor the taxpayers, have any business in it.
  6. If you lack the good judgment to buy health insurance when you are healthy and costs are low, and you experience a loss, costs associated with this loss are yours and yours alone, and you cannot discharge these obligations via bankruptcy. This debt follows you whenever you try to buy a car, purchase cable TV services, or borrow money for a home. It is a blight on your credit until you pay it off, and you cannot stick it to the taxpayers.

— Andrew J. Billups, PsyD


About ajb

I am clinical psychologist and academic coach with more than twenty years of psychotherapy, academic coaching, and training experience. I operate from my base camp in the Chesapeake Bay Country of Tidewater Virginia. I have a long-term interest in the relationship among public policy, education, mental health, poverty, and change language.
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