Mary Tyler Moore Moments: Nancy Travers

When I first started out, just out of college, 28 years ago, I was working overnights at WOBR Beach 95. I filled in as needed for Uncle Rick (Greg Smrdel) doing 6-mid and occasionally morning news for Gregory Clark, all the while working 9-5 at the Coastland Times newspaper.

When I would drive up to my parking space on Budleigh Street in Manteo, I would think….each time…I am Mary Tyler Moore! I imagined myself throwing my hat in the air in the middle of the street…even though I never wore hats because I never looked good in them! I knew then, as I know even more now, every girl needs her Mary Tyler Moore time!

I’m so lucky! I’m so grateful! I’m so happy to have had my Mary Tyler Moore time!

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I am clinical psychologist and academic coach with more than twenty years of psychotherapy, academic coaching, and training experience. I operate from my base camp in the Chesapeake Bay Country of Tidewater Virginia. I have a long-term interest in the relationship among public policy, education, mental health, poverty, and change language.
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