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Clinical Hypnosis as an Empty Syringe

Knowing of my interest and training in clinical hypnosis, a friend recently asked, “Can you give me the best hypnosis scripts to make me stop eating ?” My (mildly obese) friend posed the question in a somewhat mocking and derisive manner. … Continue reading

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Mary Tyler Moore Moments: Nancy Travers

When I first started out, just out of college, 28 years ago, I was working overnights at WOBR Beach 95. I filled in as needed for Uncle Rick (Greg Smrdel) doing 6-mid and occasionally morning news for Gregory Clark, all … Continue reading

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Medical Psychologists: What We Do

According to the Academy of Medical Psychology (AMP), there are two educational paths to becoming a medical psychologist. One is to complete medical school and earn a license to practice medicine in the United States. The other is to complete … Continue reading

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Psychologists and Healthy Communities

In my experience, we psychologists often discourage one another from discussing politics. We may wish to think about what paradigms for government (i.e., “politics”) best promote mental health among the citizenry and the growth of healthy communities. As the election … Continue reading

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