Academic Coaching: The Winter Launch

January can be an excellent time to launch a new academic semester with mentoring from the right academic coach. The term papers are completed and graded, exams are done, and final grades have been distributed – sometimes to the disappointment of the student and parents. Returning to school demoralized can make a challenging situation even more difficult. We can’t do our best work when we are demoralized.

What is to be done about those disappointing grades? Study harder? Study differently? Is there a need to revisit decisions regarding course-load and/or major? Is there some unaddressed “shiny object syndrome”? Academic coaching can help tweak issues of focus, diligence, and organization, and help a college student re-capture the quality performance and satisfaction experienced in high school.2013-ChesapeakeCoachingNewLogo09

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About ajb

I am clinical psychologist and academic coach with more than twenty years of psychotherapy, academic coaching, and training experience. I operate from my base camp in the Chesapeake Bay Country of Tidewater Virginia. I have a long-term interest in the relationship among public policy, education, mental health, poverty, and change language.
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