A Disturbing Trend toward Increasing Father Absence in Lives of Children

“A Pew Research Center report released in June 2011 found that the number of children living apart from their fathers has more than doubled in the last fifty years, from 11 percent in 1960 to 27 percent in 2010.

“The findings, culled from data from over 10,000 people, paint a grim picture of many fathers’ lack of involvement in their children’s lives — and an increase in divorce rates may be partially to blame. ‘We see that the share of children living apart from their dads has more than doubled…and at the same time we see that three-fold increase in divorce,’ the report’s co-author Gretchen Livingston told the Huffington Post. ‘Clearly the trends fit together.'”

Source: Ashley Reich of The Huffington Post

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I am clinical psychologist and academic coach with more than twenty years of psychotherapy, academic coaching, and training experience. I operate from my base camp in the Chesapeake Bay Country of Tidewater Virginia. I have a long-term interest in the relationship among public policy, education, mental health, poverty, and change language.
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