Is Obama Impeachable?: Thoughts from Andrew Nopolitano

“We live in a time in which the government recognizes no limits on its own power.  It doesn’t recognize the natural law. It doesn’t recognize the federal law. It doesn’t
recognize the Constitution.

“The president in the past couple of weeks became judge, jury and executioner for a very hated and probably guilty individual. But the Constitution says no person shall be denied life, liberty or property –much less an American which this guy was – without due process of law.

“The killing of an American is unforgiveable under the Constitution and it is an impeachable offence and the president, if not being impeached, should be indicted for it after he leaves office.” – Andrew Nopolitano

About ajb

I am clinical psychologist and academic coach with more than twenty years of psychotherapy, academic coaching, and training experience. I operate from my base camp in the Chesapeake Bay Country of Tidewater Virginia. I have a long-term interest in the relationship among public policy, education, mental health, poverty, and change language.
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