Life Coaching

Andrew J. Billups, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who provides assessment, psychotehrapy, and forensic services in the Middle Peninsula – Northern Neck of Virginia and training services nationwide. More . . .

History and Background


Oyster Point Psychological has offered assessment and psychotherapy services since it was incorporated in 1984, with a change to the current name in 1989. Oyster Point Psychological added a coaching component to the practice during the summer of 2005 to assist otherwise-healthy individuals in their efforts to overcome the flawed programming that leaves them compromised in relationships, marriage, and performance in employment and academic pursuits. For coaching clients, psychiatric scaffolding and mental health formulations are avoided whenever possible.

The primary focus of the practice involves resolving trauma associated with childhood abuse and neglect, and more recent trauma associated with criminal assault, military service, and duties and experiences of first responders.

In selected cases, clinical hypnosis is utilized to assist both psychotherapy clients and coaching clients in their achievement of goals they have discussed with their therapist.

Coaching services are offered via Skype and FaceTime for clients who cannot arrange to travel for face-to-face meetings. In this way, coaching clients can be located virtually anywhere and need only be highly-motivated, English-speaking individuals, with an Internet connection that supports Skype and FaceTime.

 Psychological Services:

Dr. Billups provides training for healthcare professionals and the power of words. He has conducted continuing education training in clinical hypnosis, trauma resolution, and hypnotic language to promote the attainment of therapeutic and/or coaching goals as the case may be.

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