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Workers Compensation at Oyster Point Psychological

Oftentimes, workers compensation clients have suffered traumatic injury on the job and demonstrate symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder such as intrusive imagery of the incident (i.e., flashbacks), chronic sympathetic activation (i.e., flight-or-fight syndrome), and catastrophizing thoughts that compromise their safety … Continue reading

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Does Liberalism Promote Mental Health?

I watch “The Five” occasionally and admit that Bob Beckel gets under my skin at times — as does Juan Williams as they put forth liberalism as a paradigm for sound governance. In listening to their liberalism for a while, it … Continue reading

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Where Is The Healthy Skepticism?

I am troubled by the lack of healthy skepticism in our culture — most notably on the part of celebrities who had no shortage of it in the 60’s and 70’s, when the government seemed indifferent to the guardrails provided … Continue reading

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The Striving-versus-Acceptance Question

With respect to the malaise and rancor in our country currently, I have read several blogs and essays recently advocating for less striving and more acceptance, and these opinion pieces suggest that our happiness and mental health would improve if the … Continue reading

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A Thought on Drinking from George Orwell

“A man may take to drink, because he feels himself to be a failure, but then fail all the more completely because he drinks.” — George Orwell, quoted in the Los Angeles Times and The Week Paul Watzlawick often suggested … Continue reading

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Building a Conservative Brand Promotes Mental Health

Yesterday’s Republican victories seem largely attributable to profound disappointment in Obama and the Obama policies. Unless we want to field candidates who are the lesser of two evils, it is high time for the Republicans to build a positive conservative … Continue reading

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Liberty: A Thought from Benjamin Frankin

Liberty is perhaps the one best word that characterizes a good education and good mental health. Share on Facebook

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Psychological Services in the Middle Peninsula – Northern Neck

“Sometimes it’s more important to know what kind of person has the disease than what kind of disease the person has.” – Sir William Osler The Importance of Individualized Plan Development and Implementation For psychological services to be effective, they … Continue reading

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The Possibility of Voter Fraud Requires Photo ID

With respect to the hot topic of voter fraud, it is implausible to suggest that 11 million illegals, who are so contemptuous of our laws that they would sneak into the country illegally and remain here illegally, will suddenly decline … Continue reading

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